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About Us

Early Learning Shelby County has been present since 2018 - providing countywide support for greater access and quality of early childhood programming across our community.  Each year nearly 3,000 children are born in Shelby County.  Shelby County can and should be the best place to raise a young child.  We work to create opportunities for Shelby County children to be safe, healthy, and to learn and grow and reach their full potential.

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Babies are Born Learning

Kids in Preschool
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Provider Quality

Making a Difference One Child at a Time with High-Quality Early Experiences

Family Engagement

Extending Beyond the Classroom to Help Children, Families and Neighborhoods Thrive

Professional Development

Building a Better Future with a Strong and Competent Workforce


Here’s What’s New

Early Learning Shelby County has been empowering families and early educators through a number of enrichment programs. At Early Learning Shelby County, we believe that an essential part of making a difference is to keep residents in the know about all of our latest updates. We hope to provide an insight into all enrichment related matters, and strive to be leading experts in early education. Check out all of our latest updates, and stay informed with what’s going on across Shelby County.

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